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Fiery Explosion in Tianjin: The Ongoing Cost Of Outsourcing

When you calculate the costs and benefits of outsourcing, most of the time we only calculate the obvious costs. We calculate the exchange rates, the cost of space, wages, taxation, electricity and equipment. Some look further and examine the education … Continue reading

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Robot Cars Pick Up the Pace In Florida!

We’ve talked about robots and self-driving cars for a while now. You’ve seen articles and videos showing cars driving themselves, but these are test vehicles. While we haven’t yet reached the tipping point for the robotic car, 2015 may be … Continue reading

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Continuous Improvement And The Environment

Over the past few months I’ve written a number of articles on the environment. I wrote these articles because I truly believe that the environment, and recent changes to the environment, are one of the most important issues affecting the … Continue reading

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Is America’s Food… Deadly?

When I was a child, I remember reading the “sort of newspapers” near the checkout in the supermarket. The National Enquirer, The Globe, The Star. “Supermarket Tabloids”, more entertainment than news, were kept safely separate from real newspapers. Stories of … Continue reading

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Does Farming Destroy The Earth?

In our last Blog, “If Science Has the Answers, Why Are We Fighting?”, we discussed how we live in a polarized world, where we pay the most attention to the facts we already believe in. Today, we’re going to see … Continue reading

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 If Science Has The Answers, Why Are We Fighting Over The Questions?

America has a deep schism between the right and the left, conservatives and liberals, polluters and ecologists. The schism may have started in politics, but today it reaches everywhere including science. If we go back a few decades, America had … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services: It’s Time To Say “YES” to Corporate Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is back in town and bigger than ever! AWS had its annual New York City conference at Jacob Javits center to celebrate its continuing growth and introduce new data management tools. The AWS value proposal is … Continue reading

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