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The Empire State Strikes Back!

Don’t we just love rebels? Just look at the anticipation for that plucky new groups of rebels in the next installment of Star Wars! In real life, instead of an alliance of rebels fighting for our rights, we have market … Continue reading

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What Is My Small Business Worth?

As a small business owner moves towards retirement, or they find that their company is “stuck” at a certain size, an owner may choose to sell their firm. Most entrepreneurs will only own one, possibly two businesses over the course … Continue reading

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How Does A Small Business Get Sold?

Normally, I write about my own experience and observations about big corporations, because I spent many years working in the operations of big corporations. But today, I want to do something different. Today I want to spend some time discussing … Continue reading

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Tesla’s Robot Car Leaps Forward!

Everyone’s getting on board with robotic cars. Now Tesla has joined in by providing new and existing cars (all models since the 2014 S) with nearly full robotic features. Just as we discussed in earlier blogs, car manufacturers have been … Continue reading

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Volkswagen: Why Corporations Choose To Lie

By now everyone has heard the story of how Volkswagen created software to cheat Federal Air pollution standards. The software was aware when the car was hooked into analysis equipment that measured pollution. When it was tested, the software would … Continue reading

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Law Firms Get a Failing Grade In Document Review

Outsourcing is big business! Today, just about every firm today outsources something. Big firms, little firms, manufacturers, accountants, lawyers and technology firms. All big corporations perform certain common functions: payroll, accounting, PC support, and so on. When you’re ready to … Continue reading

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Another Industrial Disaster: Crane Collapses in the Middle East

Earlier this week over 100 people, primarily tourists, were killed in a crane collapse in Mecca. As terrible as this accident was, it was not unique. Every year millions of pilgrims the site Mecca to perform the Hajj, a religious … Continue reading

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