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Robot Reviews: Robots in Writing And Publishing

The world is about to go through a period of unprecedented change and great disruption. “Macro-disrupters” are churning through the workforce, but have not yet reached a “Tipping Point” (to borrow from Malcolm Gladwell), where we “the big change” becomes … Continue reading

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Who Will Manage Your Robot Revolution?

The robots are coming and they will profoundly your job and how employment works in America, and the world. That’s a big statement, but it is a big, big revolution. By now you know the world “Drone”. It means an … Continue reading

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The Robot Revolution… Is Closer Than You Think!

The latest Avengers movie, “The Age of Ultron”, has the media thinking about robots. Of course, it’s not just Ultron. Everyone’s favorite Killbot, the T-800, AKA Terminator, AKA Arnold Schwarzenegger, is back from the future to take one last shot at … Continue reading

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Revisiting the MATURE Outsourcing Program

In the past, we’ve talked about where outsourcing programs are headed when they finally reach their “mature” stage. That is to say, if you operate one or more lower cost locations, which have all passed their “training” phase, and are working … Continue reading

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6 Lessons From Sony’s, “The Interview”

Photo: All Rights – Sony Media For years we’ve been told how the Internet is a very dangerous place. The stories keep trickling in, especially the ones about stolen identities, or a big box store being hacked for credit card … Continue reading

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Katy Perry: The Real Magic Act In “Dark Horse”

Photo: All Rights Katy Perry/Capital Records   Katy Perry is a music mega-hit machine. Her latest hit is Dark Horse, is set, as the video says, “A crazy long time ago” in Memphis Egypt. This tightly crafted video is typical … Continue reading

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High Cost for Cheap Phones

Photo: All Rights, … Mysterious Persons in China No term in the English language better describes today’s story than,  “I told you so!” In the past, I’ve written about the problem with fake goods from China, spying from China and … Continue reading

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