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First View: Legal Tech NYC 2016

I hope everyone at LegalTech had a great time, there certainly was a lot to see! While I like to do an overview of new technology every year, this year I wanted to focus on answering a big question about … Continue reading

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How The Outsourcing Engine Will Change The World

In our last blog, we looked into how robots and learning machines are positioned to take over professional jobs: doctors, lawyers and corporate MBA jobs. Advances in learning systems allow robots to learn the same way humans do, by reading … Continue reading

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The UBER Agenda & The New Transportation Economy

If you are a regular reader, you know that I often write about automation and Robotics. Lately, I have been writing about the coming robot revolution, which is closer than you think. It’s also going to be a lot bigger … Continue reading

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Why Do I Get Very Different Offers For My Small Business?

When you sell your business, you will talk to friends and mentors and ask for their opinions. You’ll want to know if they agree with your decisions. You’ll probably ask, “What do you think is my business worth?”  In a … Continue reading

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The Empire State Strikes Back!

Don’t we just love rebels? Just look at the anticipation for that plucky new groups of rebels in the next installment of Star Wars! In real life, instead of an alliance of rebels fighting for our rights, we have market … Continue reading

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What Is My Small Business Worth?

As a small business owner moves towards retirement, or they find that their company is “stuck” at a certain size, an owner may choose to sell their firm. Most entrepreneurs will only own one, possibly two businesses over the course … Continue reading

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Law Firms Get a Failing Grade In Document Review

Outsourcing is big business! Today, just about every firm today outsources something. Big firms, little firms, manufacturers, accountants, lawyers and technology firms. All big corporations perform certain common functions: payroll, accounting, PC support, and so on. When you’re ready to … Continue reading

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