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Law Firms Get a Failing Grade In Document Review

Outsourcing is big business! Today, just about every firm today outsources something. Big firms, little firms, manufacturers, accountants, lawyers and technology firms. All big corporations perform certain common functions: payroll, accounting, PC support, and so on. When you’re ready to … Continue reading

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Another Industrial Disaster: Crane Collapses in the Middle East

Earlier this week over 100 people, primarily tourists, were killed in a crane collapse in Mecca. As terrible as this accident was, it was not unique. Every year millions of pilgrims the site Mecca to perform the Hajj, a religious … Continue reading

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Fiery Explosion in Tianjin: The Ongoing Cost Of Outsourcing

When you calculate the costs and benefits of outsourcing, most of the time we only calculate the obvious costs. We calculate the exchange rates, the cost of space, wages, taxation, electricity and equipment. Some look further and examine the education … Continue reading

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