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Everyone is Hacked!

    Every UD intelligence agency has told us that the Russians hacked the 2016 Elections. They also say that the Russians DID NOT (successfully?) attack voting machines or the vote itself. Nor has there (yet?) been proof that the … Continue reading

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Mr. Trump, Can We Examine Your Email Server?

(Previously posted on AndMagazine, 12/10/2016) Whether you love or hate his policies, you have to admit that Trump IS a definitely, “high energy”! It’s still weeks before he is sworn in as President, and he has already closed deals with … Continue reading

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The New iPhone 9 Is Made In America!

(Previously published in AndMagazine 12/17 2016) Every time a new iPhone comes out, tech and style feeds explode with stories about new first opinions and new tech features.  Well, I don’t want to comment on the features of the iPhone 8, but … Continue reading

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Castro Is Dead! So… Who Owns Cuba?

(Previously published in AndMagazine 12/12/2016) Fidel Castro is dead, and his brother Raul (current leader of Cuba) at a mere 85 years old, must be thinking about his succession plan. For nearly 65 years, Cuba has been quietly sitting just … Continue reading

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Can Trump Bring Jobs Back To America?

(Previously Published in AndMagazine, 11/21/2016) During an election, politicians make promises. But after the election, we find out what truly matters. Their track record gives us clues, but, as pundits have pointed out, President-Elect Trump lacks a track record. He’s … Continue reading

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Hail to the Chief’s… Daughter? Ivanka Trump and the White House

(Previously Published in AndMagazine, December 7th, 2016) Ever since Ronald Reagan’s Presidency, the First Lady has done a lot more than bake cookies and gives tours of the White House. At the start of every Presidency, there is speculation about … Continue reading

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What will be the most important drivers of change in the global sourcing arena over the next decade, and why?

(Previously published in Outsourcing Magazine, on August 16, 2016) For the last few decades outsourcing has been on a journey… literally! Outsourcing once meant having another company do your work, perhaps on your property. Later, outsourcing meant moving work to the … Continue reading

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