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Is “A Chinese Spy Balloon” Just The Latest Punchline In The World Of International Spying?

I am shocked and horrified at the Chinese weaponization of balloons, and their use against innocent Americans. But it was inevitable. With the growing influence of Chinese financial institutions, our political and business leaders should have predicted that American families … Continue reading

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China & Genocide: The Development Of China’s Western Territory

Every nation is unique, yet they all follow a well-worn path to development. Nations must define their identity, create symbolism (languages and culture), and somehow pay for the migration from agriculture to industry and beyond. Young developing nations often lack … Continue reading

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Written In Sand… The Next Global Shortage has Arrived!

As the world becomes more globalized, international projects are getting bigger. As a result, the most unexpected shortages can suddenly appear. A few years ago, China went on a building spree, creating a global shortage of scaffolding and construction cranes. As … Continue reading

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Adidas’ SpeedFactory: A Big Step Towards Onshoring Work?

For years we’ve talked about a robot revolution, but robots are nothing new! Robots have worked in factories for decades. They’re incredibly fast, but they’re also expensive to program, and they can only follow very specific instructions. If they receive … Continue reading

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