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The Other Shoe Just Dropped

(Previously published in Outsourcing Magazine) For years, the outsourcing world has been buzzing about reshoring (or “backshoring” in Europe), taking the jobs we sent offshore years ago and bringing them back to the US and Europe. Low wages, cheap property, … Continue reading

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Adidas’ SpeedFactory: A Big Step Towards Onshoring Work?

For years we’ve talked about a robot revolution, but robots are nothing new! Robots have worked in factories for decades. They’re incredibly fast, but they’re also expensive to program, and they can only follow very specific instructions. If they receive … Continue reading

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Revisiting the MATURE Outsourcing Program

In the past, we’ve talked about where outsourcing programs are headed when they finally reach their “mature” stage. That is to say, if you operate one or more lower cost locations, which have all passed their “training” phase, and are working … Continue reading

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Do Outsourcers Know What Time It Is?

Today, I was puttering around on the Internet, on a site that I frequently visit, Linked-In. I decided that I would take a look at their “Answers” section, which lists questions by members that other members are invited to answer. One of … Continue reading

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