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The Trump You Know

The 2016 election was a bit… strange. OK, it was VERY strange! Perhaps stranger than anything else in our lifetime! Today, we will look at just one of the Stranger Things. Specifically, how did Donald Trump win enough votes to become … Continue reading

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Boss Trump Makes America Great Again!

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a multi-faceted individual. He’s the President of the United States. He’s an international businessman. He’s a father… well, to some of his kids. And he’s the smartest man on earth, or so … Continue reading

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Fake News Is Not New News

President trump seems preoccupied with saving America from, stuff. Before the 2016 election, we were told that the greatest threat to America was Hillary Clinton. Having slain the dragon in November, what new villains face America in 2017? The answer, … Continue reading

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Mr. Trump, Can We Examine Your Email Server?

(Previously posted on AndMagazine, 12/10/2016) Whether you love or hate his policies, you have to admit that Trump IS a definitely, “high energy”! It’s still weeks before he is sworn in as President, and he has already closed deals with … Continue reading

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Can Trump Bring Jobs Back To America?

(Previously Published in AndMagazine, 11/21/2016) During an election, politicians make promises. But after the election, we find out what truly matters. Their track record gives us clues, but, as pundits have pointed out, President-Elect Trump lacks a track record. He’s … Continue reading

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Outsourcing In the Age Of Disruption

President Elect, Donald John Trump. That’s going to take some getting used to. For everyone. His campaign told us that he would make America Grate again, and it does indeed Grate on the world’s collective nerves. The Japanese stock market … Continue reading

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Trick or Trump…. The November Surprise!

In an election where everything that can happen has happened, it’s hard to say if Trump has finally gone one step too far, or when he took that one step. Three weeks from the election, Trump is down in the … Continue reading

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Trumping the Danger of Outsourcing…

    The Trumps just can’t make up their minds about outsourcing! While the Donald says he wants to stop America from outsourcing, he just can’t seem to stop himself. Or his wife, Melania! Earlier yesterday, Melania told NBC’s Matt … Continue reading

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