Trump Uncovers Massive Election Fraud!!!

Suspects Rounded Up for Arizona Voter Fraud!

The Arizona recount… or is it the re-re-recount?… I’m losing count of the recounts! Anyway, the Arizona recount is headed towards its conclusion. Many theories have been aired, such as suspicious ballots made from bamboo, which would “prove” a conspiracy by China. Wow. Crazy and yet racist at the same time! Can conspirators be smart enough to subvert our voting process and yet be stupid enough to ADD bamboo fibers to their fake paper ballots? Hopefully, auditors have also checked if the ink on the ballots contains panda blood.

Arizona has finished counting almost all the ballots, so we hear the results any day now! Yep… any day. What can we expect? Well… a lot! Aside from the meaningless rumors, the group leading the investigation, the Cyber Ninjas (doesn’t that name just fill you with confidence?), appointed Wake Technology Services to do the actual audit. And… what’s that? WTS quit? OK. So some other guys that they called in at the last minute, with a more ummmm… flexible?… view of what an audit is, has been hard at work. Yep… any day now.

But as President Donald Trump told us last year, this is a massive conspiracy. The 2020 election is only part of the picture. To understand the scope of the conspiracy, we need to go back to the 2016 elections.

It’s easy to get lost in the wave of conspiracy theories that President Trump said were waved against him. Conspiracies about Russia, conspiracies about porn stars, conspiracies to make him look bad, and so on. But if we go all the way back to the beginning of Trumps Presidency, he was quick to point out that the 2016 Presidential election was rigged! Wait a minute! Didn’t he win that one?

Yes, he did. But while Trump won in the Electoral College, he lost the popular vote. Or did he? What if over 3 million votes were fraudulent! What if these were votes for Trump INSTEAD of Hilary Clinton? Most importantly, if millions of votes were stolen in 2016, doesn’t that mean that we should accept that a few thousands of votes could have been easily stolen in 2020? And as President of the United States Trump had four years to use the power of his office to provide incontestable proof of this fraud. Hmmm… what’s that? Trump’s supporters say that it would be unfair to provide this proof before Trump completes his 2015 promise to release his tax records. OK, when will his tax records be released. Hey… Where did everyone go? Well, evidence is just so much Democratic socialist blather, right?

Besides, we have more pieces of this puzzle. In early 2016, candidate Donald Trump ran against Ted Cruz in the Iowa primary. And lost. Donald Trump saw what no one else could. The primary was rigged! Trump stated that the election was a, “rigged, disgusting, dirty system… based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified”. WOW! Even the Republican primaries have been corrupted. Good thing we have Trump to point his out, since no one else had the intelligence, the perseverance, and the high quality hair needed to detect this fraud.

Still not convinced? Then brace yourself for the greatest evidence of all! Only a few elected positions are at the Federal level. When we count state, and local positions over 100,000 officials are elected. Most of these elections are small and are won with just a few thousand votes. How can it be possible that Donald Trump, who we know received over 70,000,000 votes for President, did not win a single one of these elections!

Sure, there are some left-leaning naysayers that have feeble excuses, like, “Ummmmnnn… Trump wasn’t running in any of those elections!” But I think that true Trump supporters know that this isn’t the point.

The point is that Donald Trump believes there is an organized effort to undermine his Presidency by the Deep State. How Deep is his State? His own appointees… Bill Barr, the head of the Department of Justice, the head of the FBI, the Department of Homeland security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (created by Trump), along with the court systems of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania… all agree that the elections were fair, and were not tampered with.

ALL agreed? When was the last time you saw a bipartisan agreement on anything! Suspicious. Very suspicious. And all the so-called “whistleblowers” pointing out illegal actions or violations of the Constitution by Trump. Who are these whistleblowers and who gave them whistles? Do you know how annoying it is to have whistles blowing all the time? Trump does. And he’s not going to put up with it!

But there is one last piece to this puzzle. And that piece is Donald Trump himself. Every time Donald Trump is riding high, someone points out some embarrassing gaff, from misunderstanding how the Constitution works, to his lack of scientific knowledge, to basic geography. It is inconceivable that anyone could become President of the United States and be so completely ignorant. Unless… Unless President Trump was intentionally tripped up by the one person with the power to make him look like a fool… Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump is part of the Deep State… dedicated to the destruction of Donald Trump.

It is a fact that Trump never listens to anyone else or follows instructions. That is irrefutable evidence that Trump is not only part of the Deep State, but TRUMP IS THE HEAD OF THE DEEP STATE. After leaving office, theoretically with no position in the government, the entire Republican Party declares Trump their leader, and falls in behind him. Former leaders of the Republicans (such as Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, or even Republican Superstar John Bolton) are all being rejected by the party, because of their resistance to Trumpism. If that’s not Deep State, what is?

After all, what possible alternative explanation could there be? That Donald Trump is just mean-spirited, incompetent, unable to say he made a mistake, and not a team player? Obviously not! In the words of Ted Cruz, “This man is a pathological liar, he doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies … in a pattern that is straight out of a psychology textbook, he accuses everyone of lying, and whatever lie he’s telling, at that minute he believes it … the man is utterly amoral… Donald is a bully”.

Whoops! Sorry, that’s a 2016 quote. Completely out of date. Let’s see. Hmm a lot of quotes about Trump and Venereal Diseases. Ahhh… serial philanderer… connected to the mob… sniveling coward… kookey…. the old Ted Cruz sure was a firecracker! OK. Cruz may still be bent out of shape by Trump accusing Ted’s father of assassinating John Kennedy (perhaps a slight misstatement). But like the rest of the Republican Party, Ted Cruz has learned to bend the knee and take orders. Why can’t America? After all, isn’t absolute obedience to a single authoritarian leader what American Democracy is all about?

What does the future of Democracy look like to you? Let us know!

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1 Response to Trump Uncovers Massive Election Fraud!!!

  1. Why not do a list of Biden’s gaffes or the Biden clan’s doings? Trump’s not in office right now. Let’s do creepy, sippy cup Joe for a change. Okay? Just remember Trump has been proven to be mostly right from the Russian Hoax, to Hydroxy, to Wuhan Leak, to Ukraine hoax, to even the capitol riot set up by Nancy and the election fraud. So you see you can mock him all you want but the truth will always prevail. It just takes awhile for the corrupt media to be exposed.

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