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Beyond UBER: Planes, Trains and Helicopters Go Autonomous

Over the past few months, we’ve discussed UBER’s need to turn their growing fleet of cars into an army of robots. UBER is under huge pressure to become profitable, and their quickest path to the greatest profitability is through autonomous … Continue reading

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Another Step Closer – UBER’s Pittsburg Pilot

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that all I have predicted is coming to pass. Hmmm… OK, I admit it. It is with joy and glee, and a bit of a dance that I tell you, “I … Continue reading

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The New Job Market

Robots and artificial intelligence are about to change… everything! Cars that drive themselves have arrived. Drones are scary killbots in the sky, but U.S. citizens rarely see them in person. A new generation of robots are arriving in the workplace, … Continue reading

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Uber Orders 100,000 Robot Cars!

Did they or didn’t they? Everyone wants to know if the rumor is true. Did UBER order 100,000 Mercedes-Benz type-S cars? If they did, UBER could provide a “driverless” taxi  service AND  set a new low price for car and … Continue reading

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UBER Drivers Are Out Of Time

The beginning of the end. Remember all of the old “B” sci-fi movies from the 50s that either started or ended that way? Usually with a shot of an atomic bomb exploding in the background. Sir Winston Churchill had a … Continue reading

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Will Cheap Fuel Undermine Sustainability?

When technology changes, early adopters become risk takers. If you sit and wait, you will eventually know which technologies win or are even worth pursuing. Early adopters either see something that the rest of us have missed, or they truly … Continue reading

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What Are Small Businesses Selling For In 2016?

Over the last year, I’ve written a number of articles about small businesses. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What exactly is my firm worth?” Fortunately, I can tell you with absolute precision that the answer is… “it … Continue reading

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