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German & NYSE Exchanges to Merge, Will It Be Successful?

According to the Financial Times, the upcoming merger between the NYSE and German’s Bourse is expected to yield $400 million in merger, lower operating costs, cross selling, etc. Will they ever achieve their goal? More importantly, are they putting anything … Continue reading

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God Bless You…Google?

Over the last decade or more, there was a big movement towards capturing and standardizing internal data in all service groups. As professional managers, we’re all learning to make better use of data to manage our workers and their work product. … Continue reading

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MyTouch Me Not!

A friend of mine launched the bricks-and-mortar part of her cupcake business on this Valentine’s day. The brand, Mrs. Cupcake, is selling out of an Irish bar on Murray Street, near City Hall. Cupcakes and an Irish bar are an … Continue reading

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Tales From The Vault…

Tales from the Vault… Over at the, there was an interesting write-up this week… “The Five Fastest Declining Industries for 2011”.  What interested me the most was the decline in ”Office and Administrative Support”.  OK, technically this is probably a … Continue reading

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Starting up “niccollsanddimes”

This is my first post on “niccollsanddimes”… or is it?  Truthfully, it’s more of an extended introduction. I thought that before I jumped into things, I owed everyone an explanation as to why I’m setting off on this path. After all, some of you … Continue reading

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