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Uber Orders 100,000 Robot Cars!

Did they or didn’t they? Everyone wants to know if the rumor is true. Did UBER order 100,000 Mercedes-Benz type-S cars? If they did, UBER could provide a “driverless” taxi  service AND  set a new low price for car and … Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Books Before Selling Your Business!

You’ve been thinking about what to do with your business. Is everything running the way that you like, or does something need to change? Did you stop growing years ago, or has a major customer started working with one of … Continue reading

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UBER Drivers Are Out Of Time

The beginning of the end. Remember all of the old “B” sci-fi movies from the 50s that either started or ended that way? Usually with a shot of an atomic bomb exploding in the background. Sir Winston Churchill had a … Continue reading

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