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Super Capacitors, Batteries & The Electric Vehicle Revolution!

During a technological revolution, change happens quickly. Today, we’re flooded by tech revolutions. Ther are so many it’s difficult to sort them all out. Our power grid is slowly going sustainable, everyone is adding power storage, and vehicles are transitioning … Continue reading

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Will The UAW Strike Change The Auto Industry?

After a month, it looks like the United Auto Worker’s Union (UAW) strike of 2019 will soon be over. It has been a strange strike. There was a time when even the rumor of an auto strike caused the US … Continue reading

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The Not So Little Truck That Could!

2020 is expected to be the year of the electric vehicle, a turning point where EVs become a mainstream option for consumers. Every car company has announced an electric or electric hybrid option for 2020. With a simpler engine, far … Continue reading

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New Taxi War As UBER Gets Regulated

Cars for hire and nothing new. Taxi’s… hacks, jitneys, limousines, hansome cabs… existed before the first automobile. As soon as the automobile did arrive in the early 20th century, there was an explosion of new car services. The early 21st … Continue reading

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Intelligent Automation Inspires New Plans For Onshoring

    (Previously published in Outsourcing Magazine, 11/4/2017) Offshoring and outsourcing don’t exist in a vacuum. These are processes that take advantage of and are influenced by technology, politics and the larger economy. Look at the last big round of … Continue reading

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UBER’S Latest Pilot Offers Free Rides

Robots have arrived and they are sweeping citizens off of the streets of Pittsburgh! No, they didn’t arrive by flying saucer, these are UBER driverless cars, and a ride in a robot UBER is FREE! By the end of the … Continue reading

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It’s A Pokemon World

I don’t want to play Pokemon GO. Really, I don’t. As a confirmed geek I have some interest in any tech. Pokemon GO is the first Augmented Reality (AR) game that is an international hit, so I am a tiny … Continue reading

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Uber Orders 100,000 Robot Cars!

Did they or didn’t they? Everyone wants to know if the rumor is true. Did UBER order 100,000 Mercedes-Benz type-S cars? If they did, UBER could provide a “driverless” taxi  service AND  set a new low price for car and … Continue reading

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UBER Drivers Are Out Of Time

The beginning of the end. Remember all of the old “B” sci-fi movies from the 50s that either started or ended that way? Usually with a shot of an atomic bomb exploding in the background. Sir Winston Churchill had a … Continue reading

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Tesla’s Robot Car Leaps Forward!

Everyone’s getting on board with robotic cars. Now Tesla has joined in by providing new and existing cars (all models since the 2014 S) with nearly full robotic features. Just as we discussed in earlier blogs, car manufacturers have been … Continue reading

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