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UBER Drivers Are Out Of Time

The beginning of the end. Remember all of the old “B” sci-fi movies from the 50s that either started or ended that way? Usually with a shot of an atomic bomb exploding in the background. Sir Winston Churchill had a … Continue reading

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How The Outsourcing Engine Will Change The World

In our last blog, we looked into how robots and learning machines are positioned to take over professional jobs: doctors, lawyers, and corporate MBA jobs. Advances in learning systems allow robots to learn the same way humans do, by reading … Continue reading

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The Republican Party: Three Problems In 2013

The Republican party has a big problem, a really big problem. The 2012 Presidential elections dealt the Republicans a crushing blow. The loss in the popular vote was greater than expected, but the loss in the electoral college was devastating. … Continue reading

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PMO Basics: Understanding Basel III

If you work in a financial institution, big changes are on the way. Lessons learned from the financial collapse of the past few years, has led to new thinking about how financial institutions need to operate. Or maybe it’s old … Continue reading

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The General Electric Turnaround: Why We Can’t All Be Jack Welch!

Jack Welch is perhaps the world’s best known improvement guru. His transformation of GE not only took genius, it took guts and determination to convince a company that was doing pretty darn well that it had to do better. Not … Continue reading

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Google Changes The Ediscovery Landscape

The big new app for 2012 just might be Google’s Apps Vault. Just released in the last days of Q1, this tool sits on top of Google Apps and simplify management of your firm’s documents. This tool will be enormously … Continue reading

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PMO Genius: How To Share & Be Happy

In our last Blog we spoke about the issues that drive the services produced by a shared services group. We talked about six issues that define the functions, cost and billing of shared services. Today, we’re going to take the … Continue reading

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