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Trump Uncovers Massive Election Fraud!!!

The Arizona recount… or is it the re-re-recount?… I’m losing count of the recounts! Anyway, the Arizona recount is headed towards its conclusion. Many theories have been aired, such as suspicious ballots made from bamboo, which would “prove” a conspiracy … Continue reading

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Can Republicans Prosper With A TRUMP Party?

Donald J. Trump has created a new conservative movement. But what will he do with his followers? He doesn’t seem to want anyone else to be the head of the Republican party. But that’s not quite the same as wanting … Continue reading

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The Trump You Know

The 2016 election was a bit… strange. OK, it was VERY┬ástrange! Perhaps stranger than anything else in our lifetime! Today, we will look at just one of the Stranger Things. Specifically, how did Donald Trump win enough votes to become … Continue reading

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