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When Small Towns Die Out, Can America Survive?

  When you think of America, what comes to mind? The bright lights of New York’s Broadway? Or a small town, with a quaint main street and homes with well-manicured lawns? America’s self-image is evenly split, and both sides are true, … Continue reading

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Is the Real Crisis Too Few Jobs Or Too Many Workers?

Robots are coming, and they’re going to take your job! Sure. We all know that. Cars will drive themselves. New factories will have all robots and no workers. Your manager will be replaced by an AI. Half of all jobs … Continue reading

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Why Do We Need 11 Billion People?

If we ever have a contest for the “Golden Age of Man”, my vote is for the last 200 years. Ancient Greece would probably get more votes for inventing philosophy, Democracy, dramas and comedies, and classical architecture. Which is a … Continue reading

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