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Armored Tanks Aren’t Dead Yet, But Unmanned Armored Vehicles Have Arrived

The war in Ukraine continues to drag on, and China seems ready for a copycat war with Taiwan. Every week we see weapon systems in the news. Today’s front-page stories resemble those of the Cold War era. Whether they are … Continue reading

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Tanks But No Tanks: Did The Ukrainian War Put An End to the Armored Tank?

The battle protection (armor) and destruction (arms) is as old as time. At first, hiding behind a tree, a big rock, or (much later) a wall was good enough. But hiding sacrificed mobility. When armies came out from behind walls, … Continue reading

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The Sinking Of The Moskva: Lessons Not Learned From Previous Wars

War is a business. This business is driven by changing trends and new technology, but it is also a seasonal business. Sometimes war factories run full blast; sometimes they are on vacation. When a war is near, the military starts … Continue reading

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