Trick or Trump…. The November Surprise!


In an election where everything that can happen has happened, it’s hard to say if Trump has finally gone one step too far, or when he took that one step. Three weeks from the election, Trump is down in the polls and it looks a win for Clinton in November. But it’s almost Halloween. Scary orange Trumpkins are everywhere! America’s Haunted House definitely has the ghost of Trump… but what if the ghost NEVER leaves! It is time to ask, “What will the world look like if Trump doesn’t win?” The answer is scarier than you think… ooooOOOoooo!!!

If Trump doesn’t win, that doesn’t mean he’s lost. Certainly, he’s not going to declare defeat. Try, just TRY, to imagine his concession speech to Clinton! Since the very start of his campaign Trump has said that the election is rigged, or will be rigged, or might be rigged, or Eleanor Rigby was the best Beatles song.  The details are less important. What matters is that Trump found this issue. Even when no one else knew that there was rigging. Really. No one… absolutely no one. And best yet, just like Trump ended the birther issue that Trump didn’t start, he will end any question about the Rigging of the Presidential vote. And as all of his followers know, it must be trump that ends the Rigging issue, since no one else thinks it even exists! 

Trump beleives that the Democrats will rig the Vote in Pennsylvania, by voting over and over again. One of Trump’s supporters (Rudy Giuliani), goes even further, tells us that Hilary Clinton will put her Zombie army to work manipulating the vote. Rudy tells us, “Dead people generally vote for Democrats.” Just what sort of promises has Clinton made to the undead to get their help. We may never know… the emails have been deleted!  OOOooooOOOoooo!!!


Trump can also show that members of his own party failed to support him and joined with the Democrats to attack him in the press. Look at the RNC. They have only raised 25% of the funds they raised for Romney. Do you need more evidence of sabotage against Trump? Trump’s campaign staff is about to release a BOMB! After carefully researching the nightly news coverage for the last year, they discovered that America’s most respected news programs… The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and Last Week Tonight… have conspired against Trump, literally twisting his statements into… jokes. There are even rumors that Trump has been digitally re-edited so that he is wearing an orange fright wig!

Trump supporters don’t want to lose their leader after the election. With a little encouragement, Trump might be convinced to stay in the limelight, just a little longer, for America’s sake. But he may not be ready to let go of his followers. But… after Republicans properly thank him for his efforts, take retribution against his detractors, and admits to the phantom (phantom?  ooooOOOoooo!!!) campaign against him, I’m sure he will be happy to personally lead the reunification of the Republicans.

Alternatively, Trump could form a third party, or create the Trump network, or just sell products to his tens of millions of loyal followers. Candidate Trump is just a recent product for brand Trump. His brand has sold luxury apartments, steaks, wine, water, and a university. These products have come and gone, and so too will Candidate Trump. In fact, candidate Trump should leave the public stage as quickly as possible. Trump has evolved from making his money by building buildings to being paid to license his brand (and a giant golden “TRUMP” sign) for buildings. After a rough campaign, that “Trump” sign might not add so much value to a new building.

Measured by the polls, the Trump campaign has been mediocre. Measured by mindshare, the Trump marketing machine has been spectacularly successful.  “The Apprentice” made Trump a national brand, but the election made Trump an international icon. Before the campaign, the “guy on the street” might recognize Trump and want to learn how to think like a billionaire (operators are standing by at Trump University). During the campaign, the most powerful leaders of the world spent time deeply reflecting on Trump’s thinking. Germany’s PM wants to know Trump’s plan for Syria. The King of Saudi Arabia knows he needs to understand Trump’s oil policy.  Canada’s top leaders wonder when Trump will nuke Ottawa.

Trump is at his happiest when he is in front of this supporters, being a bit naughty. He loves to play to his followers and they love to see their leader on stage. If the King from Queens cannot be the President, he can certainly be a maker of kings and queens!

With a third of the party behind him, he has the attention of the Republican party for as long as he wants it. Trump can build a third party, settle debts with those who have offended him, or anoint the next generation of leaders. Trump can become the voice of electoral reform! We know that we need it. I can’t think of a single voter who hasn’t told me, “Dear God, we can’t go through this again in 2020!” And I’m sure that all of America agrees that no one knows more about what’s wrong with this election than Trump! 

You thought Halloween was scary! Well, just wait for the post-Halloween season. Win or Lose we can expect  24 x 7 Trumpageddon…. All Trump, all the time!  ooooOOOoooo!!! That’s my Niccolls worth for Halloween, and I’m sticking with it!

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