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A.I. Saves The World!

  Robots, Artificial Intelligence, automation. Machines are taking over the world… and it’s about time! Our environment today has far more technology in it than it did a generation or two ago. And tomorrow? You can bet on even more … Continue reading

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Robot Saves Lives!

(Previously published in AndMagazine, January 21, 2017) Everyday robots are getting smarter. Soon, robots will soon become so smart that they will steal your job. And do it better than you ever could! But long before robots steal your job, … Continue reading

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Can Trump Bring Jobs Back To America?

(Previously Published in AndMagazine, 11/21/2016) During an election, politicians make promises. But after the election, we find out what truly matters. Their track record gives us clues, but, as pundits have pointed out, President-Elect Trump lacks a track record. He’s … Continue reading

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The 2016 Summer Outsourcing Olympics!

Every four years athletes from around the world gather to compete and, the best of the best are awarded medals for their efforts. In the summer games, we find out who can run the fastest, jump the highest, lift the … Continue reading

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Robot Reviews: Robots in Writing And Publishing

The world is about to go through a period of unprecedented change and great disruption. Macro-Disrupters” are churning through the workforce, but have not yet reached a Tipping Point (to borrow from Malcolm Gladwell), where we “the big change” becomes … Continue reading

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Dronation: See It, Say it, Get Ready For It!

Starting with the New Year, the US government will begin its examination of how aerial drones can be used in America. Hmmm… It’s a bit late. Consumer drones have been sold on the Internet, and presumably used, for years. Technically, … Continue reading

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