Trumping the Danger of Outsourcing…


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The Trumps just can’t make up their minds about outsourcing! While the Donald says he wants to stop America from outsourcing, he just can’t seem to stop himself. Or his wife, Melania! Earlier yesterday, Melania told NBC’s Matt Lauer that wrote she whole speech herself (“with as little help, as possible”) Yet, some of the wording looks suspiciously like a speech by Michelle Obama. As we say in outsourcing, “Never outsource your core!” We also say, “outsource without the right partners, you might see your mistakes on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.” Hmmm… looks like Melania is learning this the hard way!

For a high-stakes speech, it makes perfect sense to give the task to a professional writer. I’m not sure who they picked, but the Trumps might have been better off using fiverr or gighours. Just to be sure that your writer doesn’t take any short-cuts, you might also want to use a good anti-plagiarism tool. Grammarly and other on-line services quickly find if sections of your document have been “re-cycled” from earlier speeches.

The speech issue was a blessing for the Trumps, because the press forgot about Melania’s dress, which was designed and manufactured offshore in Slovenia. You can see why Melania might want to promote a designer from her home country. But is a “Make America Great” rally the best place to showcase Eastern European fashion??

The day after the speech, the amount of help Melania had to do the writing (according to a campaign aide) had swelled to a full “team”. Are we making too much of this? Shouldn’t we give Melania the benefit of the doubt? It  could be a one in a million coincidence. Melania might have written from the heart, and just came up with the same words as Michelle Obama. Could it be that the Trumps and the Obamas are basically the same? Could Melania and Michelle really want the same thing for America, after all?

Not at a Republican Convention… stick with plagerism! Don’t expect an apology to the American people or an explanation from Melania. I wonder if Melania’s pre-nup limits how many times she can speak to the press? Do expect an explosive attack from the Donald soon. At least that’s my Niccolls worth for today!

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